December 5, 2012

The Baron Von Rashke Documentary 

The Baron is quintessentially one of the original villain’s of early wrestling television. With has signature claw maneuver he single handedly, no pun intended, brought rivals to their knees for a count out.

I’ve been working on this film as a DP, editor and creative consultant. The director Phil Harder is quite the visionary, and proud to say good friend, he has worked commercially and is also well known for his music videos from The Foo Fighters to an assortment of culturally relevant music. I love the experience of working with experienced directors, to constantly improve myself, and Phil has been a gem and mentor. Bradley Beesley, an accomplished documentary filmmaker has also lent his storytelling prowess to the piece.

The documentary itself is massive with a cast of literally thousands. It’s a period piece for a modern taste. The life of Jim Rashke is fascinating, from the character to the man himself.

Coming Soon!