December 6, 2012

Client: Red Wing Shoes

Agency: Brew Creative and GDB

Production: Token

I have been working with Red Wing Shoes for over three years. They are the quintessential American product if ever there was one. The branding strived to return to the roots of well crafted and quality made footwear. What I have produced for them is a series of ongoing heritage brand-umentary style type advertising. The film topics range from specific dynamics of the shoe construction process to workers in the field, from manufacturing to the laborers that use them enthusiastically.

It’s been an utterly wonderful company to work for and the agency work has been stupendous. The organic feeling, the grit, the honest and humble feeling I get when walking on to projects like this I think really reflects itself in the final product. These are real people who take pride in their job and care relentlessly about their stock. It’s an awesome team to be on.

Here is a link to all of the films in the series that I have directed: Red Wing Shoes Film Series