February 9, 2013

Client: Purina

Agency: Zeus Jones

Production: Drive Thru Productions

Purina is a huge brand yet they still have a very homegrown sense about them. They genuinely care about their customers but more importantly the pets they serve to. Its history is rich and its innovation is cutting edge. Zeus Jones, the agency associated with Purina, is well aware of the great lengths Purina goes to in respect to their product. The creative at the agency and myself wanted to bring those obvious truths out in a series of short stories dedicated to the heart behind the product.

From the footage that was captured, brandumentaries, television commercials and several other applications were used for mass media making it a truly diverse project indeed.

On a personal note its pets! How can that not be fun? After working with pets for a while now (specifically dogs) I’m blown away by their dedication. Such manageable talent!

Take a look at some of the brandumentaries I have directed for Purina: Purina Film Series