November 1, 2012

Somewhere along the way I really lucked out and met an exceptional group of people. Dan Hundley, Matt Olson, Eric Nigg, Mitch Hansen, Brian Forrest and myself and a special mention to all the helping hands) have made some pretty lofty accomplishments when were all in the same room.

Matt Olson, Eric Nigg and Mitch Hansen are all thoroughly in the comedy community locally and on the West Coast as well as film. Dan Hundley, Brian Forrest and myself have been working in all sorts of technical filmatic fields so it felt like a natural fit. That and we are all kinda jack assess who don’t take ourselves too seriously.

From winning two 48 hour film projects in two consecutive years, both went to Cannes France to be represented as one of the best twelve 48 hour films in the world, and winning the Career Builder Super Bowl spot we have developed quite the winning combination. In all honesty its easy considering those mentioned are quite a joy to work with. You never know it’s going to happen and you don’t expect anything, the process is the rewarding part.